What is Low content value?How can fislx it’s?

Google AdSense low content value?

Now my website too showing this erroressage from google adsense.When I search on Google how to fix it.There is easy way to fix this problem for all publisher.

If you received thisessage from google AdSense.Now just follow below

There is five things to change for low content value by Adsense.

1-Change Your website Logo

2-Change Your website Theme

3-Add more word to your each post title

4-Use tags for every post

5-Add index to all post google site.

This method is found on https://junaidbd.com/low-value-content-adsense/ .

So follow the way of recommendation website and request again to google AdSense.Wait for 3 or 4 days what reply from google AdSense.

Good luck every publisher and myself.Thank for reading and visit.

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