How can place your website is no1 on Google?

How to ranking no 1 on Google search? Every website owner they want their website No 1 place on Google when someone searching that.When our website is number one on Google we’ll increase traffic source for more ranking.

So Questions is How?

1.Go Nich

In this condition youuch be understod about SEO skills.As a small business owner you don’t have to but we want right?You need to focus to post your website regularly.That’s may help your SEO skills it you need to go to just follow their way.

2.Choice keywords

Anyone can get top number one their website on google,if their keywords targeted is to your customer.In this no 2 questions I want recommend some site to KeywordPlanner . When you use Google ads your website keywords is may increase.And when customer is click more your website is ranking top to google.

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