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  • How reliable is Adsterra?
  • What are the USP’s of Adsterra?

We will try and notice a solution to all or any these queries during this summary of Adsterra. we have a tendency to reached bent on the Adsterra team, and asked them queries that several of you would possibly have. These answers would assist you learn everything concerning Adsterra, and relying upon the type of web site you’ve got, you’ll be able to attempt Adsterra on your web site for monetisation.

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How previous is Adsterra? however massive is that the team and wherever it’s primarily based out of?

The company was based in 2013 by skilled affiliate marketers and webmasters with (as of now) 20+ years of expertise. From twenty individuals in 2013, Adsterra grew to concerning two hundred in 2021. Adsterra was established in 2013 in Cyprus and is predicated in capital of Cyprus (Cyprus) currently.

Who is that the brain behind Adsterra?

Adsterra a started with a friendly relationship and grew to be a palmy business that also retains its core values: golf stroke nice stress on cooperation, transparency, commitment, consistency, quality, and perpetually being able to support and facilitate each purchasers and colleagues.

Now we’ve got a extremely skilled IT department, old account managers, risk management and policy team and alternative ball-hawking workers – and this is often in the course of our distinctive in-house management educational program referred to as Partner Care. Over eightieth of our purchasers World Health Organization worked with alternative ad networks before say Adsterra’s managers ar a great deal a lot of approachable and useful and perpetually respond promptly.

What ar a number of the independent agency of Adsterra?

Benefits of the Adsterra for publishers:

– Quality over amount. No restrictions on the traffic volume of the web site. Your web site traffic volumes don’t matter: we’ll assist you grow with US. What matters for approving your web site at Adsterra Network is your traffic quality.

– period of time referral program. every partner UN agency joined Adsterra via your referral link can add five-hitter of their profit to your financial gain. Forever.

– Partner Care: a private bit, fast replies, top-notch problem-solving skills, access to in-house developed style ideas. (Adsterra has Associate in Nursing industry-best Partner Care educational program that every one our managers have to be compelled to pass. As a result, their managers ar sometimes arch, caring, and inquisitive about each client’s success).

We use BackURL to challenge the traffic that we have a tendency to don’t settle for (proxy, iFrame, etc., see Terms & Conditions.) Don’t waste your web site capacities! legitimatise all of your traffic with Adsterra.

– one in all the very best CPM rates on varied GEOs.

– internet fifteen payment terms. Exclusive conditions for long partners and publishers with high revenue.

– versatile settings will facilitate to regulate your ad volumes, frequency, verticals, and formats.

– The in-house developed anti-Adblock answer that may facilitate to extend the quantity of traffic sold .

– Multi-stage system to shield partners from inappropriate ads (Adsterra strives to produce publishers with a secure expertise by victimization in-house and third-party fraud detection systems, in conjunction with manual services to comb out fraud and malware).


Adsterra is second largest affiliate network program.

Adsterra offers a easy, clean, and intuitive dashboard equipped with full-fledged functionalities. It contains the complete data point and different helpful knowledge in a very single place for the convenience of users.

– In 2020 Adsterra with success fancied and launched the Social Bar — ad format exclusive for the full advertising market. Its main feature is full customization. this implies that the creatives will take any type, betting on your needs and objectives.

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