What is low content value Google AdSense?

The first thing before you connect with Adsense your website content is especially important enough to high quality content.

Google AdSense is always tracking your website content and information.They want any publisher must follow their guideline and policies.

Low value or thin content

1.Check your content that duplicate somewhere

2 affiliate program

3.Scraped content

4.Doorways page

If your website content these types of content they consider as low value content.If you write content is you have must to improve your content quality.After all this fixed you can again Request review.wait within per week google Adsense will approve your website.

As a publisher your website content have less 15-20 posts.These post must have be strong value AdSense is disallowed below eligibility content.

1Dangorous or derogatory

1.Animal cruelty


4.Unreliable and harmful

5.Deceptive practices


7.Malicoius or danger software

8.Sexual content

9.Sexual acts

10.Mail brides

11.Adult theme

12.Child sexual abuse

13.Drugs or harmful medical

These content article will reject by google.

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