About Google AdSense. How can connect with my website?



As you know Google AdSense is launch in 2004 program by Google..

We want make money online right? Don’t worry if you have not enough learning on internet or other things. So if you have some questions how can monetizing from your blood or website with Google AdSense?If you have to know some tricks to get AdSense approved your website in per week.This post is maybe some information for you.

Even today some publisher getting not approved by Google AdSense.Because they not yet some tricks to fast approved Google AdSense.

Today i gonna explain how Adsense working on my WordPress website or blogger.

Domain age for AdSense?

It’s not important domain age for your site.We heard domain age is must be older 6months right?So that is not important part of Google.

Traffic source

Before you apply Google AdSense with you website you need to know your website traffic source is coming from organics traffic.

Content Quality

That is important aparts of Google AdSense for fast approve.Fist time when you started your website to posting any writhing about deal blah blah.

How many post before AdSense?

Last 10 to 15 post to get approved by AdSense.That you write article is must be own.Not copyright content from other website.Because their website is maybe non affiliate marketing program.Like Sex,Porn, Drugs or other.

Follow below eligibility.

  1. Make your website fast and user-friendly.
  2. Publish unique content on the website. Avoid publishing copy content.
  3. Create 4 page about us, contact us, and privacy policy, etc.
  4. Do good SEO for the website.
  5. Use AdSense Friendly Themes and Templates.(Newspaper theme,Super fast)
  6. Create all social media pages.(Facebook, Twitter,ECT)
  7. Do not buy traffic.
  8. Design your own graphics and image.(Before approved not add image)
  9. Write SEO Friendly Blog post.
  10. Add website with Google analytics.
  11. Submit your website to Google Search Console Etc.
  12. Made good backlinks with the related categories.
  13. Avoid Spam Backlinks never do that
  14. Avoid sexual content (AdSense will ban your account if you)
  15. Get real organic traffic.
  16. The website should have a low bounce rate.

Follow This method to get approved by Google AdSense.And connect your AdSense account with domain.Copy AdSense code-paste your WordPress theme below <head> or between </head>.And wait for 24hr-72hr Google AdSense is will be sent to your email . Thanks for reading this article is may be some knowledge of Google AdSense to approved.By the way I’m not professional development.

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